Social/Personality Brown Bag

Spring 2018
Jun 07, 2018Damian MurrayUCRTBD
May 31, 2018Brandon TranUCRTBD
May 24, 2018Isabela PerezUCRTBD
May 17, 2018Victor KwanUCRTBD
May 03, 2018Arielle ManganielloUCRTBD
Apr 26, 2018Nicole HarakeUCRTBD
Apr 19, 2018Robert WrightUCRTBD
Apr 12, 2018Christine KoschekaUCRTBD
Apr 05, 2018Gwen GardinerUCRTBD

Winter 2018
Mar 15, 2018Alex LeungUCRTBD
Mar 08, 2018Seth MargolisUCRTBD
Feb 22, 2018Julia RevordUCRTBD
Feb 15, 2018Komi GermanUCRTBD
Feb 08, 2018Will GervaisUniversity of KentuckyTBD
Feb 01, 2018Keith PayneUNC Chapel HillTBD
Jan 25, 2018Kyla RankinUCRTBD
Jan 18, 2018Steve ClarkUCRTBD
Jan 11, 2018Lisa WalshUCRTBD

Fall 2017
Nov 30, 2017Angelica FalkenstienUCRTBD
Nov 16, 2017Alex KaranUCRTBD
Nov 09, 2017Jacob GrayUCRTBD
Nov 02, 2017Erica BaranskiUCRTBD
Oct 26, 2017Pete DittoUC IrvineTBD
Oct 19, 2017Mike DooleyUCRTBD
Oct 12, 2017Jennifer CoonsUCRTBD
Oct 05, 2017Kyle SauerbergerUCRTBD
Sep 28, 2017Kate SweenyUCRTBD

Spring 2017
Jun 08, 2017Lisa WalshUCRTBD
Jun 01, 2017Mike DooleyUCRTBD
May 25, 2017Dacher KeltnerUCBTBD
May 18, 2017Christine KoschekaUCRTBD
May 11, 2017Travis MillerUCRTBD
May 04, 2017Komi GermanUCRTBD
Apr 27, 2017Julia RevordUCRTBD
Apr 20, 2017Kyla RankinUCRTBD
Apr 13, 2017Calen HortonUCRTBD
Apr 06, 2017Alex LeungUCRTBD

Winter 2017
Mar 23, 2017Lilian ShinUCRTBD
Mar 16, 2017Kyle Sauerberger TBD
Mar 09, 2017Gwen Gardiner TBD
Mar 02, 2017Jacob Gray & Alex KaranUCRTBD
Feb 23, 2017Tiffany BrannonUCLATBD
Feb 16, 2017Megan FritzUCRTBD
Feb 09, 2017Jennifer CoonsUCRTBD
Feb 02, 2017Seth MargolisUCRTBD
Jan 26, 2017Robert WrightUCR 
Jan 12, 2017Angelica FalkensteinUCRTBD

Spring 2016
Jun 02, 2016Robert Wright Investigating How Pain is Discussed in Everyday Conversations within Three Clinical Samples
May 26, 2016Megan Fritz Kindness Is In The Blood: The Biological Health Indicators of Experimentally Induced Prosocial Behavior
May 19, 2016Grace Hanley Contextualizing Personality at the Level of Traits, Goals, and Narratives
May 12, 2016Alexander Karan You Can't Spell Well-Being without We: A Meta-Analysis on First-Person Plural Pronoun Use in Romantic Relationships
May 05, 2016  No Brown Bag: Area Faculty-Only Meeting
Apr 28, 2016Brittany Bannon Family and Friend Support Moderates the Rate of Functional Decline in the Swedish Adoption/Twin Study of Aging
Apr 21, 2016Lilian Shin Kindness Interventions in Two Cultures
Apr 14, 2016Dr. Bruce LinkUCRSocial Consequences of Genetic Explanations for Racial Differences in Health: A Backdoor to Eugenics?
Apr 07, 2016Jacob Gray Development and Correlates of an Interpersonal Goal Conflict Scale
Mar 31, 2016Angelica Falkenstein Dispositional Approaches to Uncertainty Navigation

Winter 2016
Mar 10, 2016Michael Dooley TBD
Mar 03, 2016Dr. Benjamin KarneyUCLALearning from Couples Who are not White, College Educated, and Middle-Class
Feb 25, 2016Jennifer Coons TBD
Feb 18, 2016Dietlinde Heilmayr Digging into the Health-Promoting Components of Gardening
Feb 11, 2016Christina Armenta Expressing Gratitude Towards Self vs. Others
Feb 04, 2016Dr. Norbert SchwarzUSCThe Challenge of Debunking Myths: When Weird Ideas Feel True
Jan 28, 2016  No brown bag
Jan 21, 2016Kyle Sauerberger TBD
Jan 14, 2016Melissa Christian The Evaluation of a S.T.E.M. Program for Underrepresented Minority Middle School Students
Jan 07, 2016Erica Baranski Lay Conceptions of Volitional Personality Change: From Strategies Used to Stories Told

Fall 2015
Dec 03, 2015  S/P Area Faculty-Only Meeting
Nov 26, 2015  THANKSGIVING
Nov 19, 2015Kristina Mouzakis How do Daily Activities and Personality Predict Academic and Social Engagement in University Students?
Nov 12, 2015Dr. Rebecca CovarrubiasUC Santa CruzLearning in Diverse Classrooms: The Critical Role of Culture-Matching Contexts
Nov 05, 2015Jasa Lilium Adversity and Prosocial Behavior
Oct 29, 2015Tara McCoy Down on the Upside: Redemption and Contamination in the Lives of Adult Children of Alcoholics
Oct 22, 2015Peter Ruberton Development of a Long-Term Humility-Boosting Program
Oct 15, 2015Area Faculty and Grad Student Discussion How to Succeed in this Graduate Program
Oct 08, 2015Katherine Duggan Healthy Neuroticism or Unhealthy Conscientiousness? Personality Trait Combinations and Subjective Well-Being Throughout the Lifespan
Oct 01, 2015Patrick Morse An Interactionist Approach to Personality Expression and Change
Sep 24, 2015Sara Andrews Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Spring 2015
Jun 04, 2015Angelica Falkenstein Justifying Expectations of the Future: The Content, Correlates, and Temporal Pattern of Explanations for Performance Predictions
May 28, 2015Kyle Sauerberger Behavioral Consistency and Adaptability across Situations
May 21, 2015Erica Baranski Cross-cultural Comparison of Daily Behavior and Personality
May 14, 2015Dr. Belinda CamposUC IrvineInsights from Immigrant Cultures: Benefits for Relationships and Health
May 07, 2015  Area Faculty-Only Meeting
Apr 30, 2015Mike Dooley You Got What I Need(ed): Social Support Seeking and Satisfaction During the Waiting Period
Apr 23, 2015Dietlinde Heilmayr Cultivating Healthy Trajectories
Apr 16, 2015Jennifer Coons Military Veteran Adjustment to Civilian Life
Apr 09, 2015Sara Andrews From Awful to Awe-Full: Easing the Discomfort of Uncertain Waiting Periods
Apr 02, 2015Dr. Nora MurphyLoyola Marymount UniversityNonverbal Perception and Interpersonal Accuracy in the Brunswik Lens Model

Winter 2015
Mar 12, 2015Dr. Sarah PressmanUC IrvineConsidering the Role of Smiling in the Happiness-Health Association
Mar 05, 2015Melissa Christian Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Self-Handicapping
Feb 26, 2015  SPSP: No Brownbag
Feb 19, 2015Brittany Bannon Perceived Disease Risk and Genetic Testing Decisions
Feb 12, 2015Dr. Ted RoblesUCLAFamily Relationships and Health: Insights from Intensive Repeated Measures
Feb 05, 2015Christina Armenta Gratitude and Self-Improvement in the Workplace
Jan 29, 2015Kristina Mouzakis Students' Personality, Daily Activities, and Engagement in University Life
Jan 22, 2015Peter Ruberton Humility, Self-Affirmation, and Self-Serving Attributions
Jan 15, 2015Patrick Morse Quantifying the Strength of Situations
Jan 08, 2015Tara McCoy Variations in Narratives as a Function of Assessment Method

Fall 2014
Dec 11, 2014Jasa OrionUCRAdversity and Prosocial Behavior
Dec 04, 2014  Area Faculty-Only Meeting
Nov 20, 2014Kat DugganUCRSleep and Well-Being
Nov 13, 2014Brandon CarlisleUCRAcademic Identity and Self-Handicapping
Nov 06, 2014Tricia MillerUCRPhysician-Patient Communication and Physician Satisfaction: The Analysis of Physician and Patient Behaviors in the Medical Visit
Oct 30, 2014Dr. Joe MansonUCLASubclinical Psychopathy, Zero-Acquaintance Interaction, and Social Dilemma Cooperation
Oct 23, 2014Katie NelsonUCRThe Science of Well-Being: Examining the Role of Positive Activities and Life-Changing Events
Oct 16, 2014Jenny HowellUniversity of FloridaAvoiding Threatening Feedback
Oct 09, 2014Dr. Jean TwengeSan Diego State UniversityModern Culture and Individualism: Has Self-focus Made Us Better or Worse?
Oct 02, 2014Area Discussion How to Succeed in this Graduate Program

Spring 2014
Jun 05, 2014Christina ArmentaUC RiversideGratitude and Self-Improvement in the Workplace
May 29, 2014Melinee LedbetterUC RiversideExamining the Effects of Ethnic Identity on Academic Outcomes in Diverse College Samples
May 22, 2014Melissa ChristianUC RiversideA Meta-Analysis of the Relation between Self-Handicapping and Personality Traits
May 15, 2014Kristina MouzakisUC RiversideDaily Activities and Adaptation to University Life
May 08, 2014NO BROWN BAG – Area faculty only meeting CANCELLED
May 01, 2014Peter RubertonUC RiversideDoctor Humility and Patient Outcomes
Apr 24, 2014Z ReiszUC RiversideThe Knowledge to Solve Problems
Apr 17, 2014Tara McCoyUC RiversideLeader-Follower Switching: Conceptualization and Relationship to Job Satisfaction and Leader Effectiveness
Apr 10, 2014Esther Guillaume & Jasa OrionUC RiversidePedagogy in Psychology
Apr 03, 2014Boris MaciejovskyUCR School of Business AdministrationKnowledge-Sharing in Groups and Markets

Winter 2014
Mar 13, 2014Brittany BannonUC RiversideFurther Test of the Validity of the Alcohol Identity Implicit Associations Test's (AI-IAT) and its Convergence with a Facebook Photo Measure
Mar 06, 2014Tricia MillerUC RiversidePhysician-Patient Communication and Physician Satisfaction: The Analysis of Physician and Patient Behaviors in the Medical Visit
Feb 27, 2014Elysia ToddUC RiversideConstrual of Situations
Feb 20, 2014Katherine DugganUC RiversideNonverbal Communication and Charismatic Avatars
Feb 06, 2014Joshua MeadorsUC RiversideMeasuring Empathic Accuracy, Part II: The Empathy Strikes Back
Jan 30, 2014Sara AndrewsUC RiversideMapping a Waiting Period
Jan 23, 2014Brandon CarlisleUC RiversideAfrican American Identity and Academic Achievement
Jan 16, 2014Lisa CavanaughUSC Marshall School of BusinessRelationship Reminders, Deservingness, and Indulgent Choices
Jan 09, 2014Megan RobbinsUC RiversideA Tutorial on Designing and Implementing EAR Studies

Fall 2013
Dec 05, 2013  No Brown Bag - Area Faculty Only Meeting
Nov 28, 2013  No Brown Bag - Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 21, 2013Patrick MorseUC-RiversideA Disposition-Situation View of Healthcare Visits and Outcomes
Nov 14, 2013Arezou GhaneUC-RiversideIn So Many Words: Women's Reproductive Health Narratives
Nov 07, 2013Stan KleinUC-Santa BarbaraThe Self: Definitional Concerns and Radiological Analyses
Oct 31, 2013Joe ChancellorUC-Riverside“Selfless” and Other-Oriented Paths to Happiness
Oct 24, 2013Kristin LayousUC-RiversideNew Strategies for Greater Happiness
Oct 17, 2013David ShermanUC-Santa BarbaraSelf-Affirmation: Understanding the Effects
Oct 10, 2013Ho HuynhUC-RiversideAnger and Aggression in Response to Interpersonal Expectation Management
Oct 03, 2013Katie NelsonUC-RiversideThe Twins Well-Being Intervention Study (TWIST): Preliminary Results of a Genetically Sensitive Online Intervention
Sep 26, 2013  Organizational meeting - Faculty and students are invited

Spring 2013
Jun 06, 2013Patrick MorseUC-RiversidePredicting Behavior from Evolutionary Situation Types
May 30, 2013Sara MednickUC-RiversideNOTE: CHANGE OF SPEAKER, TITLE TO COME
May 23, 2013Julia BoehmHarvard School of Public HealthPathways to Cardiovascular Health: Psychological Well-Being, Biological Function, and Health Behaviors
May 16, 2013Michael BoudreauxUC-RiversideExamining the Domain of Disordered Personality Functioning
May 09, 2013  No Brown Bag - Area Faculty Only Meeting
May 02, 2013Brittany BannonUC-RiversideEarly Life Predictors of Adulthood Illness Behavior: The Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors
Apr 25, 2013Joshua MeadorsUC-RiversideMethods for Measuring (and Improving) Empathic Accuracy
Apr 18, 2013Katie BaoUC-RiversideAspirations and Well-Being
Apr 11, 2013George VaillantHarvard Medical School90-Up: A 70 year Prospective Study of Biosocial Male Development
Apr 04, 2013Sara AndrewsUC-RiversideIntolerance of Uncertainty Predicts Changes in Anxiety Over an Extended Wait

Winter 2013
Mar 14, 2013Kristin LayousUCRHow Do Simple Positive Activities Increase Well-Being?
Mar 07, 2013Brandon CarlisleUCRTBA
Feb 28, 2013Ho HuynhUCRExamining Doctorship Styles with Audio Recordings of Clinician-Patient Interactions
Feb 21, 2013Katherine DugganUCRPersonality and Sleep
Feb 14, 2013Tricia BrodbeckUCRHealth Literacy and Adherence to Medical Treatment
Feb 07, 2013Susanna TramUCRAn IAT-based measure of implicit followership theory: Does it work?
Jan 31, 2013Janessa ShapiroUCLAWhen do the Stigmatized Stigmatize? Ironic Effects in Blacks' vs. Whites' Judgments of Minority Targets
Jan 24, 2013Angela LeggUCRIf You're Happy and You Know It, Hug Your Surgeon: Patients' Emotional Change Following Preoperative Consultations
Jan 17, 2013  No Brown Bag – SPSP Meeting in New Orleans!
Jan 10, 2013  No Brown Bag - Area faculty only meeting

Fall 2012
Nov 29, 2012Wendy WoodUniversity of Southern CaliforniaThe profits and pitfalls of everyday habits
Nov 15, 2012Michael HaselhuhnUCR School of Business AdministrationTBA
Nov 08, 2012Arezou GhaneUCR Psychology DepartmentLike a sitting duck : Embodiment and perceived vulnerability in a medical simulation study
Nov 01, 2012Joseph ChancellorUCR Psychology DepartmentRipples of generosity in the workplace: The hedonic benefits of giving and receiving
Oct 25, 2012Elysia ToddUCR Psychology DepartmentPersonality correlates of unique perceptions of brief film situations
Oct 18, 2012Elaine WongUCR School of Business AdministrationFace off: How men's facial structure relates to group hierarchy
Oct 11, 2012Katie NelsonUCR Psychology DepartmentThe pains and pleasures of parenting: When, why, and how does parenthood lead to more or less well-being?
Oct 04, 2012Elliott KruseUCR Psychology DepartmentPride, affirmation, and gratitude: Novel methods of increasing humility
Sep 27, 2012  No Brown Bag - Area faculty & students meeting

Spring 2012
Jun 07, 2012Brandon CarlisleUC RiversideThe Effect of Individual and Environmental Factors on Academic Self-Handicapping
May 31, 2012Katherine DugganUC RiversideChildhood Sleep and Long-Term Health
May 24, 2012Tricia BrodbeckUC RiversideThe Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Adherence to Medical Treatment in Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis
May 17, 2012  CANCELLED
May 10, 2012Esther Haynes and Elysia ToddUC RiversideThe International Situations Project: U.S., Japan, China, and Italy
May 03, 2012Angela LeggUC RiversideAssessing Responses to Bad News
Apr 26, 2012Arezou CavanaughUC RiversideEmbodied Health: A Guiding Perspective for Health Psychology
Apr 19, 2012Nicholas StaunerUC RiversideExistential and Psychological Health as Products of Intrinsic Goal Attainment
Apr 12, 2012Marc KinonUC RiversidePersonality as a Moderator of Terror Management
Apr 05, 2012Amanda FoxUC RiversideThe Moral Coping Model: A Further Examination of Responses to Personal Moral Transgressions

Winter 2012
Mar 15, 2012Susanna Tram, Elliott Kruse, & Paul WhiteleyUC RiversideImplicit Theories at Work
Mar 08, 2012Z ReiszUC RiversidePersonality, Intelligence, and the Prediction of Consequential Outcomes
Mar 01, 2012Joshua MeadorsUC RiversideThe Relationship between Intergroup Contact and Intergroup Anxiety: A Meta-Analytic Review
Feb 23, 2012Jasenka TurkusicUC RiversideTBA
Feb 16, 2012Matthew Della-PortaUC RiversideEnhancing the Effects of Happiness-Boosting Activities: The Role of Autonomy Support in an Experimental Longitudinal Intervention
Feb 09, 2012MichaelBoudreauxIdentifying Personality-Related Problems in Living: Characteristic Maladaptations and the Five-Factor Model
Feb 02, 2012Ho HuynhUC RiversideDoctorship Styles: Applying Leadership Theories to the Patient-Doctor Relationship
Jan 19, 2012Katie Nelson & Kristin LayousUC RiversidePositive Activity Interventions With School-Age Children

Fall 2011
Dec 01, 2011Roxane Cohen SilverUC IrvineCoping with life’s personal and collective tragedies
Nov 17, 2011Peter DittoUC IrvineMotivated moral reasoning
Nov 10, 2011Katie BaoUC RiversideMaking happiness last: Using the hedonic adaptation model to extend the success of positive interventions
Nov 03, 2011Veronica SanchezUC RiversidePatient ethnicity and physician-patient communication: A meta-analysis
Oct 27, 2011Juliet BeniUC RiversideElectronic healthcare: How technology, public health and social psychology are forming a new model of patient care
Oct 20, 2011Loryana VieUC RiversideExamining sexual risk behaviors of homeless youth at the relationship level
Oct 13, 2011Serenity Della PortaUC RiversideCan we boost conscientiousness? A self-control intervention
Oct 06, 2011Nancy SinUC RiversideSelf-efficacy and beliefs about treatment in depressed homeless individuals

Winter 2011
Mar 03, 2011Peter BlanckSyracuse Universityr Effect Size Indicator: Illustrative Cases and Robert Rosenthal's Goodness of Fit
Feb 24, 2011Angela LeggUC-RiversideA Meta-Analytic Approach to Understanding the Better-than-Average Effect
Feb 17, 2011Michael BoudreauxUC-RiversideDevelopment and Validation of the Multi-Context Problems Checklist
Feb 10, 2011Katie NelsonUC-RiversideThe Joys of Parenthood: Assessing the Relationship Between Parenthood and Happiness
Feb 03, 2011Esther GuillaumeUC-RiversidePersonality and Appraisals of Romantic Relationships: A Meta-Analysis
Jan 13, 2011Katie JacobsUC-RiversideAspirations in Romantic Relationships: A Proposed Study
Jan 06, 2011Susanna TramUC-RiversideExamination of Leaders' and Followers' Implicit Followership Theories (IFTs) in a Dyadic Model
Jan 03, 2011Arezou Ghane CavanaughUC-RiversideHanging in the Balance: The Role of Self-Construal in Navigating Uncertainty

Fall 2010
Dec 02, 2010Matthew Della PortaUC-RiversideTitle TBA
Nov 18, 2010Nancy SinUC-RiversideAdherence to Depression Treatment
Nov 04, 2010Nicholas StaunerUC-RiversideCurrent Research in Existential Psychology
Oct 28, 2010Marc KinonUC-RiversideTerror Management in the 2008 Election Revisited
Oct 21, 2010Paul WhiteleyUC-RiversidePositive Perceptions of Followers and the Naturally Occurring Pygmalian Effect
Oct 14, 2010Ryne ShermanUC-RiversideThe Psychological Assessment of Situations
Oct 07, 2010Christopher NaveUC-RiversideLong-Term Stability of Personality: Implications for Behavior and Health

Spring 2010
Jun 03, 2010David Gallardo-PujolUniv. of BarcelonaThe Role of Personality as an Endophenotype for Antisocial Behavior: An Experimental Test of a Gene-Environment Interaction
May 27, 2010Veronica SanchezUC RiversideDoes Money Talk in the Medical Encounter? Patient Socio-Economic Status and Doctor-Patient Communication: A Meta-Analysis
May 20, 2010  No Brown Bag - Area faculty meeting
May 13, 2010Katherine JacobsUC RiversideThe Course of Well-Being in Romantic Relationships
May 06, 2010Michael BoudreauxUC RiversideAssessment and Psychosocial Implications of Goal Conflict in Self- and Objective-Ratings
Apr 29, 2010Juliet BeniUC RiversidePredicting Patient Satisfaction, Health and Psychological Outcome from Physician-Patient Communication - A Meta-Analysis
Apr 22, 2010Sarah HortonUC RiversideThe Role of Personality in Stressful Life Events
Apr 15, 2010David M. MarxSan Diego SUWho You are Matters: On Understanding and Reducing the Effects of Stereotype Threat
Apr 08, 2010Susanna TramUC RiversideSelf-Fulfilling Prophecies, Leaders Implicit Followership Theories (LIFTs) and Follower Group Outcomes
Apr 01, 2010Nancy SinUC RiversideHow do Physician and Patient Well-Being Relate to Communication in the Medical Interaction?

Winter 2009
Mar 12, 2009Cecile ChoUCR AGSMLow-balling on Goals to Regulate Future Affect: A Functional Strategy?
Mar 05, 2009Sam GoslingUniversity of Texas, AustinLike a Super Snooper: Assessing Behavior from the Places in Which We Dwell
Feb 26, 2009Werner GreveUniversity of HildesheimDoing personality: Personality is what you make of it, not the other way around
Feb 19, 2009Lilia BrionesUC RiversideAttributions of Criminal Behavior
Feb 12, 2009Angela NguyenUC RiversideThe Acculturation of Values and Bicultural Identity
Feb 05, 2009  No Brown Bag – SPSP Conference in Florida
Jan 29, 2009Arpi FestekjianUC RiversideThe Effects of Stereotype Threat Among Asian Americans in the Workplace
Jan 22, 2009Tierra StimsonUC RiversideAcademic Setbacks Predict Changes in Well-being
Jan 15, 2009  No Brown Bag: Area Faculty Meeting
Jan 08, 2009Kate SweenyUC RiversideHow I (Barely) Survived the Academic Job Market

Fall 2008
Dec 04, 2008Julia BoehmUC RiversidePositive Psychology
Nov 27, 2008NO BROWN-BAG Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 20, 2008Gunvor Marie DyrdalUniversity of OsloLife satisfaction and relationship satisfaction among Norwegian mothers: A cohort study
Nov 13, 2008Que-Lam HuynhUC RiversideTesting measurement invariance in the BIIS-2: A comparison of major American ethnic groups
Nov 06, 2008Jean M. TwengeCSU San DiegoGeneration me: Birth cohort changes in personality, attitudes, and psychopathology
Oct 30, 2008Kerri JohnsonUCLA Communications StudiesGender counts: Why perceptions of masculinity and femininity are just as important as the cues that convey them
Oct 23, 2008Peggy KernUC RiversideExercise and health ... Does it depend on the individual? Personality, physical activity, and health
Oct 16, 2008NO BROWN-BAG Area faculty & students meeting
Oct 09, 2008Kenneth SheldonUniversity of MissouriA multi-level perspective on personality and subjective well-being
Oct 02, 2008Steven ClarkUCR PsychologySeeing evil, but speaking no evil: Why witnesses to crime do not participate in the criminal justice process

Fall 2007
Dec 06, 2007   
Nov 29, 2007   
Nov 22, 2007  NO MEETING: Holiday
Nov 15, 2007   
Nov 08, 2007   
Nov 01, 2007   
Oct 25, 2007   
Oct 18, 2007   
Oct 11, 2007   
Oct 04, 2007