Faculty » Robin DiMatteo

Robin DiMatteo has spent her entire career at UC Riverside and is a recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award. Since she was a graduate student under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Rosenthal, Robin has studied the micro-social environment of health care delivery. Her work on dyadic interactions in health care has focused on physicians, patients, and nurses. She is interested in interpersonal behavior including both providers' and patients' verbal and nonverbal communication, and she examines whether training programs for providers and patients can help close the communication gap. Robin also studies the measurement and prediction of patient adherence, focusing on patient knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, behavioral constraints, depression, social support, illness severity, and provider-patient communication as they affect patients' willingness and ability to follow a variety of preventive and treatment recommendations. Her current work involves the study of income and ethnic group disparities in provider-patient communication and in the promotion and maintenance of patient adherence to treatment. She is especially interested in the health care interaction process for patients from vulnerable populations.

Selected Publications

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